Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My wish to DO

I have a DO.

To DO something...anything.

To be active in some way---not necessarily outside of my house as in a "real" job (HA! As if being a SAHM is not a "real" job!). Just to have something to occupy my time other than in laundry and house keeping. Anyone who has ever read my blog or knows me IRL knows that my family is my life. They make me crazy sometimes, but I love them so much more than their craziness! I have poured all of "me" into them without one ounce of regret mind you!

But, what's next? 2 off to college, and 2 entering high school this fall will leave me with a LOT of down time.

I know I would like to volunteer with the elderly. I KNOW I have many "projects" I want to get done. But really, I don't think that will take up all the time I will have. And there is only so many quilts or pillows a person can make!

God's timing is impeccable. If I had been given this"time" years ago I would not have been able to handle it! I would have become addicted to television. Probably QVC!

I have asked God to show me where He would want me to serve, so I know He will answer me. He has given me glimmers of hope...He is just that kind of God.

It is easy to become discouraged and confused, but then I have moments of clarity! The other day I began a study of the book of Luke using Be Compassionate by Warren Wiersbe. Words that seemed to be written for me were on some of the first pages!

"You have probably noticed that God often speaks to His people and calls them while they are busy doing  their daily tasks. Both Moses and David were caring for sheep, and Gideon was threshing wheat. Peter and his partners were mending nets when Jesus calls them. It is difficult to steer a car when the engine is not running. When we get busy, God starts directing us."

God does not always expect us to be still and quiet. Sometimes He expects us to work while we wait. Sometimes he even calls us in the unexpected moments of our day to day lives. Maybe I have been looking at this "next" chapter wrong. Maybe I just need to take a step of faith towards what I "think" he would have for me and let Him open or close doors and direct me!

Here is my first step of faith:

I have set a date of August 1st to be the day I move on over to my new website.

I hope the focus will be humorous, encouraging, illuminating, and above all...INTERESTING! At 47 I have been married to the same guy for over 23 years and the mother of 4 pretty normal children. I have cared for an ailing grandmother and hubby with a chronic illness. I have home schooled all the way through high school, used cyber school, and had 1 child graduate from public school. I LOVE organizing and house cleaning (yes...I said LOVE it). I have helped 2 kids get into college, had my in-laws move in with us and am a survivor of some of lifes pretty hard knocks.

I have learned so many things and want to share those things just in case there is someone out there who, just as I did, feels a bit lost in the world of wifedom, house keeping, parenting, and life!

NEVER  I would dream of saying I am an expert in anything other than learning from my mistakes! Jesus is the center of my world and the glue that holds me matter how much I fight it!

I do hope you will join me.

More information to come including the reveal of the new sites some great give aways to start things off correctly :0)! I guess maybe I will have to "buy" some of your attention at first :0)!!! Just kidding...